Bully Boys make history

The Bulls have announced a historic sponsorship deal with black-owned asset management firm Oasis Group Holdings.

The two companies on Saturday announced an exciting partnership that is groundbreaking in South African rugby. Oasis, a Cape Town-based firm, have joined forces with the Bulls as secondary sponsors for the next four years.

Oasis will appear on the back and sleeves of the new Bulls jersey for the Super 14. They are the first black-owned company to invest in the Bulls brand.

Blue Bulls CEO Stephan Pretorius expressed his delight at the recently concluded deal.

“This is a watershed in the history of the Bulls,” Pretorius told the media in Cape Town. “We are truly making history and it is a very exciting step for both ourselves and Oasis.”

“People think we’re conservative and old school, and whilst we may play rugby like that, we are probably the most advanced rugby organisation in South Africa. The things we are doing off the field, the youth structures we have in place are breaking new frontiers. We have our own academy at the Blue Bulls, this year there are 20 players. We pay everything for the players, and we only take players we believe can become Springboks. 12 of the 20 are players of colour.”

The deal was negotiated by the legendary Cheeky Watson, the anti-apartheid activist who historically refused to wear the Springbok jersey whilst the racist administration persisted.

“Anyone who has been commited to the liberation struggle in South Africa will tell you that this is an exciting deal,” Watson said. “For two brands like this to come together fills someone with belief and hope for this game and this country.

“The price paid in the past is shown to be worth it when such divisions can be overcome, and the future is very exciting. For two brands like this to come together bodes very, very well for the future of South Africa. If this is where we are going, it bodes very well.”