“I’m ready for a fight!”

Saru president Brian van Rooyen has vowed to fight off the challenge of Sharks president Oregan Hoskins.

Saru’s presidential elections take place on 24 February, and Hoskins is eager to replace Van Rooyen at the top of SA Rugby.

“There is too much negativity surrounding our rugby,” he told the Cape Times. “Rugby cannot prosper if it is rocked by one scandal after another. My motivation for standing is to do what I can to improve rugby’s image.”

However, Van Rooyen plans to win re-election and stick around for another two years.

“I believe I have done a reasonably good job as president of Saru,” he said. “Reports that I have been asked to leave are factually incorrect. I’ve gone on the campaign trail and I am confident that I have the support of most of the provincial unions. I’m ready for a fight, meneer!”

Van Rooyen also asked his opponts not to use underhand tactics against him.

“Please don’t use devious means,” he said. “Come to the polls on 24 February to oust me. I will not walk or be pushed. I will fight for what I believe is right. Don’t go behind my back. I’m not going to fall over.”