No quick fix for Aussie woe

A detailed report into the Wobblies’ shocking 2005 season has revealed major deficiencies, confounding comments by ousted coach Eddie Groans that the team was “one win away” from getting things right.

Australian Rugby Union CEO Gary Flowers confirmed that the situation will not be immediately rectified by a new coach,

“If we are to be brutally honest, we are significantly behind many of our competitors in key areas of the game,” he told the local media.

“We remain number one in areas like defense but elsewhere –restarts, offloads, lineouts and scrummaging — we are deficient compared with our major rivals.

“What this review is telling us is that we are not simply one win away from getting things right,” he said.

The statistics revealed that the Aussies ranked a remarkably low 10th in winning their own lineouts and fifth in stealing their opponents’ lineouts.

They ranked sixth in getting quality ball from scrums, seventh in restart receptions and sixth in offloads.

“The clock is ticking but we will put the right structure and the right coaching team in place to put the Wallabies in a winning position for 2007,” Flowers continued.

“The good news is we know where we have to improve and we now have the platform to ensure that we do improve.”