Pretorius: I’ve been framed

In a exclusive, Andre Pretorius has revealed that he was not even behind the wheel when arrested for drunken driving in the early hours of Saturday.

Pretorius was arrested in Bryanston after a collision with another vehicle, with police suspecting both the Bok flyhalf and the driver of the other car of being under the influence.

“This is an outrage,” Pretorius told, viciously denying the charge. “First of all, I wasn’t even driving the car. My girlfriend was. Secondly he hit us, we were hit from behind. I heard on the news that I had smashed into another car, giving the impression I was out on this drunken rampage. It’s just totally incorrect, scarily so.”

Pretorius described the events leading to his eventual arrest.

“My girlfriend and I were having dinner with friends in Bryanston. We left, my girlfriend driving and I was in the passenger seat. We weren’t going fast, about 60km an hour, when we were hit from behind. We immediately stopped, and were in the process of exchanging details with the driver of the car that had hit us when the police arrived.

“No angry comments were made, no threats from anyone. Yet unbelievably the cops on the scene called for back-up. I couldn’t understand this, we were standing on the side of the road exchanging details after a relatively minor accident, and now it was like we’re these fugitives.

“Anyway,well the back up arrived, and obviously one of the guys recognised me because he said threatingly, ‘Just because you’re a Springbok doesn’t mean you can get away with stuff like this.’ I tried, in vain, to explain that my girlfriend – perfectly sober – was driving but he would have none of it.

“He asked me for my driver’s license, so I handed him my girlfriend’s because she was the driver. How can he deduce who was driving when we were standing on the side of the road? Yet still he insisted it was me, eventually arresting me and the other driver.

“I was taken to the Randburg police station, where I spent the night in a cell. It was surreal. I was accused of racism, it was like this nightmare – a practical joke gone wrong. I am anything but a racist, and I wasn’t even driving!”

Pretorius has taken legal counsel, and will appear in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday. He is confident that his innocence will be proven.

“Right now, I’ve got to ask the public not to judge me before the court has. I am 100% innocent of any wrongdoing, and the judicial process will show that. This is a setup, and my name will be cleared.”

Both Cats CEO Andy Turner and coach Frans Ludeke support Pretorius’ version of events, and no disciplinary action is being considered.