Brian hits Bacher for six

Saru president Brian van Rooyen has told former SA Cricket boss Ali Bacher not to speak on his behalf in the lead-up to the elections on 23 February.

According to Rapport newspaper, Bacher told the Presidents Council that Van Rooyen would not run for re-election if the charges of corporate mismanagement against the latter were dropped.

Van Rooyen responded by sending Bacher the following SMS:

“Ali ive been phoned by a nr of Presidents frm the Council whom u have talked 2 purportatly on my behalf claiming that i will not be standing as President of SARU. I have never given u such a mandate and please refrain frm doing so. Brian van Rooyen PRESIDENT SARU.”

Meanwhile, Natal Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins has allegedly received the backing of Andre Markgraaff and Louis Luyt as he prepares to dethrone Van Rooyen. Hoskins was a popular man at Sun City, as he began his campaign run by giving a number of interviews to the media.

The challenger has generally focussed on the following points:

- Restoring good corporate governance by making minor changes to the constitution
- Breaking Saru up into the company and the Presidents Council (and thereby giving more power to the company)
- Bringing people like Morne du Plessis back into the game
- Assisting the Spears with their Super 14 preparations