Brian the Lion’s still roaring

Brian van Rooyen wants the investigation into his presidency to continue. Walking away from a potential second term in exchange for the case against him to be dropped would be an admission of guilt, he told

The South African Rugby Union president was adamant he would not walk away from the presidency, as has been suggested in the media. He again dismissed talk that Ali Bacher, in his capacity as sponsor representative on the SA Rugby Union board of directors, had a mandate to negotiate a deal.

“Ali had no mandate from me. I have made that quite clear to the provincial presidents. I am campaigning hard for re-election and my position about wanting to be involved with SA Rugby has not changed. A few months ago I said it was important to see out the next two years to ensure what was worked through in the first two years bears fruition,” Van Rooyen told

He added: “I want my name cleared of the allegations and an investigation would do this. I have never tried to resist any investigation into my term as president, so why should I do it now?. There is a democratic process involved here. There is an election at which the 14 provinces, through their representatives, can either confirm their belief in me or elect someone else. It is at this election where my future in South African rugby will be decided. Rugby people will determine whether I stay or go. It won’t be done by way of a brokered deal because I want charges dropped against me.”

Van Rooyen, in bullish mood, said that if the charges (against him) were that damning the presidential election should not be a determining factor.

“People seem to want to talk on my behalf about a deal. They have no mandate. Charges have been laid against me and an investigation would bring to the fore just who these individuals are. I welcome that. I don’t see how me stepping down solves anything if the allegations are as damning as has been made out by those who laid the charges. Let the investigation run its course and let the election run its course.”

Van Rooyen, who was elected unopposed two years ago, will be opposed by Kwazulu-Natal president Oregan Hoskin.