Ollie: Cheetahs now 20% better

Ollie le Roux has told keo.co.za he believes the Cheetahs have improved by 20% since last year’s Currie Cup final.

The outspoken front-ranker has his critics, and whilst there isn’t often consensus on his views, few can argue that he isn’t always brutally honest.

“Things have been tough hey,” Le Roux said. “We’ve been training very hard, in fact it’s the hardest I’ve ever trained. From where we were at the end of the Currie Cup, we’re at least 20% better as a team because of it. Our systems are so much better, and now it’s up to us to take the step up in Super 14.”

Le Roux has cautioned his team-mates against over-hyping the side’s opening fixture against the Bully Boys in Bloemfontein.

“We want to play well from game one, obviously as Currie Cup champions we have a title we wear with pride. But our preparations have not just been on the Bulls, we are preparing for every game. This competition is about the last teams standing after 13 games, not just one game.

“We made that mistake last year with the Cats. Our build-up was obsessed with the Bulls game, and we forgot about the rest of the competition. We know what happened.”

Le Roux believes the three games the Cheetahs have used as crank-ups, against the Spears, Force and Treviso, are the perfect amount.

“I think three games is enough, and the balance of one hard game and two easy games was also right. It’s always good for the confidence to win a couple of games early, and our three victories stand us in very good stead.”