Stofile threatens to quit

Saru vice president Mike Stofile will resign from his post if Brian van Rooyen is re-elected as president on 24 February.

“I can no longer work with that man,” Stofile told Sapa on Wednesday.

Stofile will be abdicating his seat as Saru vice-president and has accepted a nomination from the Blue Bulls Rugby Union and Free State Rugby Union to stand for the position of deputy president.

Stofile also reiterated that he has no ambition of becoming Saru president and that he will be one of the members of the President’s Council who will be casting his vote for Van Rooyen’s adversary, KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins, at the AGM.

“I have always said that the best person to take over the reins at Saru must be Oregan because he is a calm and collected individual at all times,” Stofile said.

Furthermore Stofile has vehemently denied that he agreed or voted for a motion by Van Rooyen, during a President’s Council meeting last year, to procure a Johannesburg office for Van Rooyen at the cost of R1 million to Saru.

“This matter was discussed in a finance committee meeting where I do not occupy a seat and neither does Oregan. This matter was never put to a vote at a President’s Council meeting,” Stofile said.