Ashwin’s OK

Contrary to media reports, Cats wing Ashwin Willemse has not suffered a further injury setback.

There has been confusion concerning whether Willemse again will be forced to the sidelines, but speaking to, Cats captain Wikus van Heerden has clarified the situation.

“He just had a couple of cramps hey,” Van Heerden said. “It’s the first time he’s played 80 minutes in quite a while so it’s to be expected.

“There’s nothing serious there. He’ll be fit and available for our first clash with the Stormers.”

Van Heerden enthused that physcially Willemse is in better shape than he’s ever seen him.

“Ashwin is looking great, a lot bigger and stronger than he’s been in the past. He’s certainly a bit quicker as well. Last night he was very keen for the ball, and got involved regularly. In fact there were a few phases where we forwards had to fight for the ball, he just kept calling for it.”