Let the ball decide Spears’ fate

No court ruling or political ruling should decide the fate of the Spears in the 2007 Super 14. The issue must be settled on the field through a promotion/relegation play-off.

The Spears are a political pawn being abused by everyone, but they remain a laugh a minute on the playing field. To avoid further embarrassment should these hapless souls be sent on the road for five long weeks in Australia and New Zealand, the obvious solution is to pit them against the South African franchise that claims the wooden spoon in this year’s competition.

Expensive court cases, which would involve every region and the South African Rugby Union, will only benefit the legal fraternity’s wealth. Rugby would suffer financially and morally. For once, let sanity triumph and let rugby actually do the talking. Play the Spears against the duffers of this year’s competition at a neutral venue in a one-off promotion/relegation. If the Spears win it then they deserve to play in the competition. If they can’t beat South Africa’s worst performing franchise, then it would be farcical to ask them to play against New Zealand’s best in Auckland or Christchurch.

As it stands the Spears don’t have the playing numbers to justify inclusion in the Super 14, let alone the Currie Cup. They may wear a rampant red outfit, talk a fantastic game and make a grand entrance, as was the case in Wellington. But the huff and puff are a disguise because this is a franchise built with the sands of political promise and not the brick of rugby tradition.

The game, according to the ever roving Grave Danger, will be plunged into crisis because of the Spears’ pending Super 14 entry. It should never be allowed to happen because the Spears should never have been allowed to happen under these circumstances.

You don’t need the wisdom of Solomon to find the solution to this one. Promotion/relegation is the oldest system in sport and it works. It comes down to performance and who is better. The scoreboard doesn’t lie; unlike the politicians within the game.