Monty keeps No 10 jersey warm

Bok fullback Percy Montgomery sees his stint at flyhalf for the Sharks as a temporary positional switch.

With Butch James still fighting his way back from injury and Tony Brown tucking away on sushi in Japan, Monty will play flyhalf for the early rounds of the Super 14.

“I don’t see it as a permanent move,” Monty told “I’m just helping out at flyhalf, until Butch and Tony are ready to play.”

Monty has shown his skills at flyhalf before, when he wore 10 against the Pumas in Buenos Aires and was instructed not to kick at all by new coach Harry Viljoen. It was only in the 73rd minute, when he was under massive pressure on his own tryline, that Monty finally put boot to ball. As Jake White said last year, “Do you know how good a guy has to be to play a Test under those restrictions and get it right?”

While happy to help out, when the situation demands it, Monty is more comfortable at fullback, where he has been used by White over the last two years.

“The two positions are very different,” said Monty. “You are probably more involved at flyhalf and you’re responsible for getting the backline away, while at fullback you hang back and only join the line when required. Where they are both quite similar is that you have to be able to read the game.”