Prinsloo: Franchises bound by President’s Council

Saru CEO Johan Prinsloo has told that the decision to include the Spears in next year’s Super 14 cannot be overtuned by any entity other than the President’s Council.

Speaking after the CEOs of the six franchises met with him earlier today, Prinsloo would not however answer the direct question concerning whether the Spears will definitely play in next year’s competition.

“To say that would be controversial,” Prinsloo responded. “All I will say is that a decision from the President’s Council cannot be overturned by the CEOs of the franchises. My role as CEO of Saru is to execute the decisions of the President’s Council, not amend them.”

Prinsloo confirmed that consensus on the matter had not been reached.

“Two issues were not agreed to by all parties, the first concerning the automatic promotion/relegation proposal for the Super 14, and the second the draft system towards the end of the year. The finer detail of each proposal will be discussed at a later time, but at this stage there were disagreements with regard to the fundamental principles.”

Prinsloo stated that the meeting was not specially organised.

“Four times a year, the CEOs of the franchise companies get together with the CEOs of the various Saru bodies. This was a scheduled meeting.”

Essentially the outcome of the meeting leaves no party clearer as to the future of Super 14 participation. The Spears demand their inclusion, the five franchises in possession of Super 14 status reject their claims on the back of their recent canings in warm-up fixtures.

Despite the seemingly unresolvable position, Prinsloo does not believe a courtroom brawl is the inevitability most believe it to be.

“I’m always confident that anything can be solved.”


Chief Executive Officers of the Vodacom Bulls, Vodacom Stormers, Vodacom Cheetahs, Cats, Sharks and the Southern Spears met with senior SA Rugby management today to discuss matters relating to the Participation Agreement for the forthcoming Vodacom Super 14 season.

The parties reached consensus on a number of issues, particularly on the commercial programme for the tournament during 2006. On the matter of automatic promotion and relegation, the parties decided – after a constructive debate – that the question should be further discussed after consultations with the Board of Directors of SA Rugby.