Sanzar unveils new trophy

A stunning new trophy has been produced for the Super 14. Hopefully, South African hands will touch it at some point over the next five years.

trophy.jpgThe trophy, unveiled in Wellington today, is made of sterling silver and features a globe incorporating the new Super 14 logo sitting atop a four-sided twisting spire.

The trophy was handmade by one of New Zealand’s leading gold and silversmith workshops, Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith from Nelson, New Zealand, who achieved fame when they designed and made the famous gold ring for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

New Zealand Rugby Union Sponsorship and Marketing Manager Fraser Holland, who oversaw the production of the trophy, said the three Sanzar countries were keen to have a bold new trophy to launch the revamped Super 14 competition.

“We also wanted to move away from the traditional cup-style trophy and have a dynamic trophy to reflect the spirit of the Super 14. I think the designers have certainly achieved that – it’s a superbly crafted, iconic trophy with a definite international look about it,� Holland said.


– It’s made of sterling silver (92.5 percent pure silver) and was made by Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith from Nelson, New Zealand.

– Three silversmiths were involved in the construction of the trophy which involved soldering together and working a number of sheets of silver, sanding, buffing and polishing.

– It took 200 hours to complete over a two-month period. It stands 49 centimetres high and weighs 2.7 kilograms.