Mac sacked?

Former Bok hooker Owen Nkumane has joined the Boots & All team this year, prompting speculation that Mac Masina’s TV days are coming to a merciful end.

Masina, whose babbling made sense only to himself and close family, was once Boots & All’s ‘black face’. However, after a number of poor performances, he was relegated to hosting ‘Mac’s minute’ when he read a script about a star player. Sadly, even those 60 seconds were painful, and now SuperSport has roped in Nkumane, who made a name for himself with SABC as a commentator and presenter.

SuperSport have also announced the launch of yet another rugby show “Engage” which will be broadcast after the Friday night Super 14 game. The hour-long show will begin with interviews of the players involved in the match, followed by highlights and analysis.

Boots & All stays in its 19.30 time slot on a Thursday night.