Force 10 (3) Brumbies 25 (8) brought you live commentary on the Force’s scrappy inauguration into Vodacom Super 14.

F/T: All over Red over, and no-one in Australia will be feeling any more optimistic than they did late last year. A shocker of a game.

78 mins: Force have played four matches since their inception. They’ve lost all 4. It’s gona be a loooooong season. Late penalty, they go for the corner. Can they salvage some pride?

76 mins: Rattlebones breaks a tackle. First of the match – he’s had a shocker. Aussie Clyde – how the mighty have fallen.

74 mins: Game fizzling out as error after error follows. No real urgency from Brumbies to get the bonus point, Gandalf’s getting twitchy.

72 mins: Henjak been shown up by Gregan. The master still owns the pupil.

70 mins: Scrappy game now, Brumbies coming into their own. The fact that they haven’t emerged from 2nd gear is a testament to just how bad the Force is. John Mitchell has done well with a bunch of duds, but that does not disguise the fact that they’re duds.

68 mins: PENALTY BRUMBIES. Mortlock nails another, Force now three scores from victory. It’s aaaaaaaaall over.

66 mins: Brumbies launch a crosskick…well fielded by Force. Brumbies beginning to dominate possession, and the points are following.

64 mins: You say Force, I say Farce. Force. FARCE. Force. FARCE.

62 mins: TRY BRUMBIES. The Farce crumbling, great pass from Mortlock to Giteau who takes it at pac. Mortlock set it up. Force in trouble now.

60 mins: Dickenson does a little dance to signal two knocks. Highlight of the game.

58 mins: TRY BRUMBIES. Replacement back Joel Wilson slides in the corner. Great counter from the Brumbies. Ashley-Cooper beat 5 and at last the Brumbies back attack the space available to put Wilson in. Great score.

56 mins: George Smith bashes it up from the lineout, a bit of momentum at last. Mortlock takes it up….a few phases and the cross kick…doesn’t find Brumbies hands.

54 mins: Gandalf’s dancing down the touchline, waving his wand. It’s down to desperation stakes…

52 mins: Brumbies being stifled by determined Force tackling. It’s blood and guts against crap right now. A touch of class should be enough for the Brumbies, whether they find it is another question.

50 mins: Massive collision. Mark Gerrard with the Maori sidestep into Josh Graham. Thanks for coming Josh Graham, lights out. Welcome to Super 14.

48 mins: Brumbies need to settle. Their robotic phase-play is not resulting in much…what a surprise there.

46 mins: TRY FORCE. Scott Fava scores!!! Awesome counter from the Force, the first piece of decent rugby in the game. Good off-loads puts the No 8 away down the touchline. Fava deserves that, he’s the stand-out in the Perth side. Crowd goes craaazy. Daruda converts.

44 mins: Force win kickable penalty, but opt for the lineout. Mitch is being a Maverick. Salvi back from the bin as the Force’s drive from the lineout results in a scrum. TURNOVER. O woe for the Force. Great clearance from Larkham.

42 mins: Brumbies start strongly, but poor passing from Gregan and inaccurate handling causes breakdown. More of the same it seems.

H/T: Brumbies having a shocker, still too good for the Force with 14 men. Pretty much sums up the half.

38 mins: Gregan takes his first contact of the match and throws it away. Sloppy sloppy Brumbies, emulating their coach’s hairstyle. Actually the most impressive thing about the Brumbies today is Gandalf’s hairstyle.

36 mins: Force on the attack, a man up. Cannon’s firing consistently, but he misses this one. Really needed that. Brumbies come away and are not shy of flinging it wide. Ashley-Cooper dangerous when he hits the line. Gregan out to Rattles whose almost through. White line fever and the Brumbies are botching this…and it’s turnover. Two tries coughed up by selfish play.

34 mins: SINBIN BRUMBIES. Julian Salvi sees yellow for infringing at the ruck again. A chance for the Force to fight back just before halftime

32 mins: PENALTY FORCE. Daruda with another chance to put the Force on the board. It’s against the run of play, but he steps up and nails it. 32 minutes and the Force are away.

30 mins: Force becoming a Farce, getting mowed down in midfield. They’re flinging it wide but their midfield and back three are just plain kak.

28 mins: PENALTY BRUMBIES. Force get a general warning from Dickenson, conceding penalties in succession now. This time Mortlock will have the shot, missed the opening shot but he nails this one.

26 mins: Brumbies win very kickable penalty, sense the momentum is with them however and they take the tap. Screw it up though, knock on 2m out.

24 mins: Scrappy game degenerating by the minute. Force are hanging on, but barely

22 mins: Force lose first lineout. Brumbies need to settle into their trademark phase-play by securing some first-phase possession. Mortlock makes the half brek but Rattles can’t hold on. Rattles is rattled.

19 mins: TRY BRUMBIES. Henjak throws a wobbly pass and intercepted by Brumbies lock Mark Chisholm. he gallops clear from the halfway line to dot down. Henjak forgot which team he’s now playing for, threw a shocker. Conversion missed by Mortlock.

18 mins: First penalty attempt, and Force 10 Scott Daruda pushes it wide. Goalable kick, and important in the context of the Force’s early dominance of possession and territory.

16 mins: Scott Fava makes an incredible turnover, why o why did you let him go Gandalf Fisher??? Force playing with energy but not much class, Brumbies just plain awful.

14 mins: The Force have landed the first blow, literally. Brumbies flank Julian Salvi is off with a blood nose.

14 mins: Rattlebones gets the ball for the first time, counter-attack time from a quick lineout. He’s smashed and held-up, concedes the penalty. Thanks for coming Rattles.

12 mins: Bill Young pinged at scrumtime, on the Force 5m line. Bad mistake.

10 mins: Force attack breaks down again , Adam Ashley-Cooper toes ahead and Giteau gathers a few metres out before he’s swamped. Brumbies attack the blind – WRONG CALL. Cost a try, huge overlap on the otherside. Force cling on, 5m scrum results.

8 mins: Force lineout working like clockwork. Five throws from five now, but the Force remain overexuberant on attack and are getting isolated. Another penalty conceded on attack.

6 mins: Frantic opening sees the Force throwing everything at the Brumbies. Clever return kicks from Larkham and Mortlock threatening to steal the wind from the sails, however. Attacking lineout for Brumbies on 22 after penalty conceded by Force at ruck time.

4 mins: Two lineouts and two clean takes for the Force. Cannon on the mark early on….first attack in Brumbies territory and the ball is coughed up. Turnover possession and Mortlock lands the perfect touch-finder.

2 mins: History is made as Scott Daruda kicks the Force into competitive rugby. Brumbies take cleanly and clear to touch.



Try: Scott Fava
Con: Scott Daruda
Pen: Daruda


Tries: Mark Chisholm, Joel Wilson and Matt Giteau
Cons: Stirling Mortlock 2
Pens: Mortlock 2
**Sinbin: Julian Salvi (34th minute)