Cats 12 Stormers 23

The Stormers recorded a vital 23-12 away win to start their Vodacom Super 14 campaign at Ellis Park against a pathetic Cats side, hamstrung by Calamity Snyman at 10.

F/T: Final whistle, all over and the Cats appear in serious trouble in this competition unless serious improvements are made.

78 mins: Stormers cantering home…this is a vital away win to start their campaign. Pehaps guilty of lacking ambition in going for the bonus point, but one can understand them wanting to make the game secure.

76 mins: Jaque Fourie one of the few Cats who can stand proud today. Hasn’t seen the ball on attack, but has defended aggressively.

74 mins: Labaschagne on the ground doesn’t let go with Watson all over him. Penalty conceded, Cats chances all but gone.

72 mins PENALTY STORMERS. Tromp takes Burger out in the air at the lineout, stupid mistake and Grant takes advantage.

70 mins: Tappe screams ‘let go black’ three times, Watson chooses to ignore him and Snyman has another penalty shot to reduce the deficit to five. He misses it, shocker.

68 mins: Snyman attempts a remarkable 60 metre goalkick. He doesn’t have the distance.

66 mins: Luke Watson wins the penalty, he’s on his feet and the Cats don’t let go. Should have been a three point turnover there from Watson after Neil de Kock made a good tackle, but Grant pushes the kick.

64 mins: Another knock from the Cats, this time it’s Wikus van Heerden as he attempts to bash it up from the lineout. Handling from the home side has been non-existent.

62 mins: Burger takes a tap from a scrum free-kick, and he hands off Sephaka to give Nokwe space. Incredible wheels, but Jaque Fourie hunts him down.

60 mins: Jean de Villiers cramping again, it’s the perennial problem. He’s strugglin but staying on.

58 mins: PENALTY CATS. Snyman finally does something right…well weighted cross kick for Human. He gathers and chips Greeff, but awesome cover defence from Nokwe who hacks the ball out behind his tryline. 5m scrum for the Cats, Ersnt Joubert makes 2 metres. Cats need this, they attempt to maul it over, keeping it tight…Stormers offside and it’s kickable. What’s the call from Van Heerden? He points at goal, up steps Snyman for a simple attempt. Three more and the Cats into double figures.

56 mins: Confusion between Burger and Barry in midfield and the ball goes to ground…Fourie picks up and puts Esterhuizen in space. Benjamin hunts him down, and there’s yet another knock on.

54 mins: Now Januarie knocks on…the Cats could not be worse. Stormers are in a position to put this away, they need to convert dominance into a big score now.

52 mins: Rose takes the quick tap from a mark and kicks it straight down Peter Grant’s throat. His chip and charge is not good, but somehow KleinJan Tromp knocks it forward into Pietman van Niekerk. Should have been a penalty, but Tappe gives the scrum. Awesome Stormers move, Jongi Nokwe takes the ball at 10 and grubbers it for Benjamin. Awesome idea…and the Stormers are a bounce away from scoring.

50 mins: PENALTY CATS. Cats screw it up again, but Nokwe does similarly as he’s given the advantage. It’s a mess but somehow a Cats penalty results. The Cats are abysmal on attack, it’s starting and ending at 10. Jaque Fourie is a virtual spectator. Snyman steps up again, gets three more.

48 mins: Game is scrappy in the second half, which suits the Stormers. Barry due back and they scored 10 points whilst he was off the field.

46 mins: Another Stormers lineout and Grant has the confidence to try the cross kick for Greeff…it’s Greeff against Muller…there’s two knocks, and the Stormers win the scrum. Well structured move, Stormers are well disciplined and executing their game plan effectively.

44 mins: Some ball for the Cats at last…and they concede the penalty. It’s Pietman van Niekerk, they didn’t need that.

42 mins: PENALTY STORMERS. Grant restarts and Cobus Grobbelaar takes it up. Snyman clears with the left into touch, Stormers again with a great platform. Schalk Brits has picked up where Shimmie left off, both havent missed a jumper. Jannes Labuschagne goes straight to ground, bang in front 40m out. Grant with the attempt, it’s over. Grant played very well.

H/T: Solid early play by the Cats pack and Earl Rose has been eroded as the Stormers have dominated both territory and possession in the final half hour. Good control and flawless first phase possession contrast with the suicidal Tiaan Snyman and the score is a reflection of that. With the Stormers down to 14, if the Cats don’t strike quickly in the second they’re in serious trouble.

40 mins: Snyman has done it AGAIN. This time Benjamin intercepts. He doesn’t have the pace to beat Jorrie Muller, bad pop poss to the following support. More controlled and Watson was in a great position.

39 mins: TRY STORMERS. INTERCEPTION, it’s Jean de Villiers. It’s Snyman who throws the shocker, De Villiers perfectly positioned and he’s in. That could be absolutely vital!! Grant converts, suicidal play from Snyman – he’ll win freedom of Cape Town for this performance.

38 mins: SINBIN STORMERS. Barry storms into Willem Stoltz, touch judge rules with the head. He gets yellow and it’s not the correct decision, Stormers down to 14 at a critical time.

38 mins: Jean de Villiers makes a shocking knock-on. Attacking, front foot ball on the Cats 22 is ideal ball, and it’s wasted.

36 mins: Stormers lineouts flawless, they’ve won 10 from 10. Grant takes the half gap, and now Greeff. Good play and quick ball…Conradie’s launch on Rose, it’s a good one…Rose knocks. Bolla sticking to the game-plan. Great attacking platform now.

34 mins: PENALTY CATS. Stupid late charge by Rayno Benjamin on Rose, concedes the penalty and is lucky not to get a yellow. Ball was gone years ago….stupid stupid play. It gives Snyman the chance to claw three points back, and he does.

32 mins: Now Snyman doesn’t kickoff from the centre spot and concedes the scrum. Falling apart for the Cats 10 and his side.

30 mins: PENALTY STORMERS. Wayne Julies goes high on Werner Greeff who makes the half break…Greeff having a good game. Tappe blows for the penalty and Grant gets a chance to extend the lead…straight through the middle.

28 mins: Stormers attempting to use their line, slightly robotic and premeditated though. What will please Kobus van der Merwe is all the rugby is being played in Cats territory.

26 mins: Poor kick by Snyman means the Stormers win the lineout..Schalk Brits is on temporarily for the injured Shimange. He finds his man first time. Stormers attack through De Villiers, and Barry knocks forward. Gathered by Marius Hurter, Snyman receives a wobbly old pass but falls over and looks a chop. Grant finding his feet, Snyman losing his.

24 mins: Feasting off plenty of ball, Stormers settling into their patterns. Watson, Conradie prominent as the Cape side take it through phases. Burger knocks on.

22 mins: Stormers controlling possession now and momentum has shifted.

20 mins: TRY STORMERS. It’s Conradie with the score, but put that down to the team. Great chase of a kick by Luke Watson sees Jorrie Muller knock it backwards. Scramble and a kick down Greeff’s throat results in the counter-attack. He chips and attempts to gather but also knocks backwards, Watson there again to pick up the pieces. It goes right through the hands of Grant and Barry to Badenhorst, whose tackled by Rose by makes a great pop to Conradie in support. Fine score, Grant converts.

18 mins: Earl Rose has started perfectly. He’s seeing a lot of ball and is kicking with precision…Stormers tactics of kicking on him have to be rethought if Grant and Conradie cannot execute more accurately.

16 mins: The wet ball means high balls are great attacking options. Here’s the first one on Werner Greeff, and takes it brilliantly under pressure from Jaque Fourie. Clears his line well, good, solid play from Greeff.

14 mins: Ricky Januarie has started well, he’s marshalling the pack with authority and feeding Snyman with accuracy. Feeding off plenty of possession right now. Here comes the first bomb on Rose, it’s a shocker from Grant. Bad execution.

12 mins: Grant takes the ball flat, Stormers first real attack. Barry and Burger make no ground, and now Shimange is tackled to the ground. Stormers keeping it tight…good driving generates momentum, out to Grant now who fumbles…takes away the space for the outside backs, Nokwe takled into touch. Grant has started poorly.

10 mins: Good start for Earl Rose. Peter Grant’s restart is out on the full, and from the scrum on halfway Rose punts the Cats back into Stormers territory. Only thing working for the Cape side are the lineouts, need to get some possession, and quickly.

8 mins: PENALTY CATS. Awesome mauling from the Cats after a lineout deep in Stormers territory. Stormers monstored backward, tight five assuming early expected dominace. Fantastic body positions lead to Stormers collapsing. Here’s a shot for Tiaan Snyman

6 mins: Two from two for Shimmie, both at the front of the lineout…Conradie launches on Human who has Nokwe all over him. Scrappy ball and the Cats scramble well to win the penalty. Barry and De Villiers chase well, good kick by Conradie.

4 mins: Scrum comes to nothing as Ernst Joubert and then Wylie Human are tackled across the field. Shimmie with a crucial lineout on his line, secured as Ross Skeate jumps high. Stormers win the penalty, early penalty can be relieved at last.

2 mins: Kick off, and Luke Watson makes the error from the kick-off. Bad mistake as he knocks it on, Cats get a 5m scrum early on. Free kick to the Cats as Stormers front row pinged…Cats on the Stormers line, again 5m scrum.



Pens: Tiaan Snyman 4


Tries: Bolla Conradie and Jean de Villiers
Cons: Peter Grant 2
Pens: Grant 3
** Sinbin: De Wet Barry (38th minute)