Jake shows his presidential hand

South African Rugby Union vice president Mike Stofile has condemned Jake White’s support for Brian van Rooyen as the national governing body’s president.

The Sunday newspapers reported Stofile as being outraged that White had told the small unions that Van Rooyen could make them certain financial guarantees if he was to be re-elected president on February 24.

Stofile was quoted as saying that he had personally called White and challenged him on his support for Van Rooyen. White is alleged to have told Stofile that Van Rooyen pays his salary and therefore has his support. Stofile retorted that the South African Rugby Union paid the national coach and not just the president.

Stofile attacked Van Rooyen for using White to canvass support ahead of the selection.

White and Van Rooyen were integral to an annual R1million sponsorship with SA Breweries for the development of elite black players. Jongi Nokwe is just one player to have gained benefit from the initiative.