Our fans are “pieces of shit”

Bernard Laporte has slammed French supporters for whistling at flyhalf Frederic Michalak when he left the field in Paris on Saturday.

The Toulouse star was given a nasty send-off on the 72-minute mark, after an Irish revival had reduced the French lead from 43-3 to 43-31 during a bizarre second half.

“We should return to the old values of rugby,” fumed Laporte. “All these bourgeois pieces of shit, I would have them thrown out of the stadium. They should know that Michalak will play again. It is not them who will change my mind. Frederic alternated between the good and the less good, but he pleased me, and I say that in all honesty.

France manager Jo Maso compared the behaviour of the Irish supporters when they were trailing 43-3 to that of the French when Michalak left the pitch.

“When Ireland were losing 43-3, we heard 5 000 Irish people singing along to support their team whereas for us, the French supporters started to jeer and whistle as soon as the first kick went wrong.”

Michalak admitted that he had been affected by the crowd’s hostility.

“Of course it affects you when you are whistled at,” said the No 10. “I give my best each time I play, but it doesn’t always come off. The public can draw their own conclusions, but the team won and that is the most important thing.”