Werner’s our winner

Adri Badenhorst was named man-of-the match at Ellis Park on Saturday, but the Stormers management agree with keo.co.za that Werner Greeff should have received the honours.

Speaking to keo.co.za, coach Kobus van der Merwe enthused about one of the finest fullback performances he has seen.

“Our man-of-the match was definitely Werner. That first up and under that they launched on him, with the ball like soap and under tremendous pressure, he made one of the best takes of a high ball I’ve ever seen in rugby. There are not many fullbacks in the world that could take that.”

Van der Merwe believes the fact that De Wet Barry was fit to play was crucial to the victory.

“Werner would have done a fine job at centre, but he showed just how valuable he is to us at fullback. His decision making was spot on all afternoon, he knew when to kick and when to run, when to hoist and when not to. It was textbook.

“I think the difference between the sides actually emerged as our respective back threes. The Cats’ trio were extremely shaky, but Werner was our rock and I cannot emphasise enough what a confidence booster it is for a pack of forwards to look back at their fullback and see him taking high balls like he did. It gave the team the boost we needed after weathering some early pressure.”

Van der Merwe believes that the times when Greeff has been tasked with leadership – when captain during the initial stages of the Currie Cup last year and now with two very inexperienced wingers – brings out the best in him.

“It’s good for him to have a leadership role. He understands the game better than most people and he marshals our line brilliantly. All in all, a class performance from a class player.”