Bulls to bury Brumbies

Having doubted the Bulls on week one, Keo’s bones have got up for this one, the roll of the bones suggesting a big one up the rear for the wild horses from Canberra in round two of the Vodacom Super 14.

The Brumbies boast so much experience and so many Wallabies. But their phase play is designed to cause themselves more hardship than the opposition when it comes to a visit at the bullring in Pretoria.

The Brumbies in Pretoria can take it through 10 phases, but Derick Hougaard’s boot at altitude is designed to make more yardage than the Brumbies can in 10 phases. The Bulls will play the more conservative and the Brumbies just don’t have the variation in their game to trouble the bully boys at home.

Keo’s giving it to the Bully Boys by 10-15! Ouch, if you’re a Brumby.

The news for the Stormers is not so good. The bones insist that the men in black are as bad as they were this time last week. Yes, the bones called it for the Cats but the bones have done a bit of time this week and know that it is against bones policy to ever back the Cats again.

The Stormers are playing a team, more skilled, more intelligent and more dangerous than the kitty cats they dealt with in Johannesburg. The Waratahs, famous for their Mad Monday drinking binges, should also be famous for a potent back three, a very good back row and a second row that is in the top four in the competition. Donut Dunning always provides good value in the competition and he and steady Eddie Andrews pretty much cancel each other out. There will be no fireworks in the tight five exchanges, but there should be plenty of bleeding when Schalk and his mate Watson meet Phil Waugh in those darkest of alleys where only mad men and opensiders dare go.

Waratahs by eight!

Cats … they’ll get done by 10 points, even by a Chiefs team that enjoyed the delights of Cape Town’s finest Russian women on their lap this week. Come to think of it, this could explain Byron Kelleher’s demotion to the bench. Kelleher, as famous for his taste in partners as he is for his pass to the flyhalf, was spotted addressing what looked like a league of nations beauties. You gotta love the guy. At least he knows his priorities.

The Sharks, Keo.co.za’s favourite Super 14 franchise, were true to form in beating the Chiefs in Durban. It was one the bones actually got right last weekend. Well, the bones to show impartiality, have entrusted the Cheetahs with victory in this derby.

If the boys from Bloem (and their management) can stay off the source long enough to put together 80 minutes of footy, they’ll win it by seven. It is a big ‘IF’ and this throw comes armed with a ‘RISK’. Back the boys from Bloem, but for god’s sake don’t bet your savings on it.

In New Zealand, the Blues will find some form at the House of Pain and somehow leave with a five to 10 point victory, the Hurricanes will play a mixed bag against the Farce and take it by 15 and the Crusaders will initially struggle with the Brisbane humidity but do enough to take the points against a rubble Reds side who should be keeping the Cats company at the wrong end of the table.

So, to recap, the bones (with a strike rate of 4/7) go:

Friday 17 February Highlanders v Blues Dunedin – Blues by 5-10
Friday 17 February Cats v Chiefs Johannesburg – Chiefs by 10
Friday 17 February Bulls v Brumbies Pretoria – Bully Boys by 10-15
Saturday 18 February Hurricanes v W. Force TBC – Canes by 15
Saturday 18 February Reds v Crusaders Brisbane – Crusaders by 10
Saturday 18 February Sharks v Cheetahs Durban – Cheetahs by 7
Saturday 18 February Stormers v Waratahs Cape Town