Who gets to cast votes

To become president of South African rugby, you need 23 out of 44 votes. Keo.co.za tells you who gets to vote.

There are 14 unions and the president, deputy president and vice president of every union gets a vote. The existing SARU president, his deputy and vice president also get a vote.

In Friday’s election there will be no vote cast by a national deputy president as no one was appointed when Andre Markgraaff resigned.

The votes are cast secretly and can also be done by proxy. This is when either of the two candidates has been given the right by voters to cast the vote on their behalf. All proxy votes have to be declared 30 minutes before voting starts to Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, who will oversee the process.

The provincial unions can give their delegates a mandate as to who to vote for, but in the past individuals have not always followed this and there can be several instances in Friday’s election where the three votes per union are split between the two camps.