Hoskins apologises to Oberholzer

Oregan Hoskins has apologised to Rian Oberholzer, privately and publicly, for using him as a political pawn in his election campaign.

Hoskins, in the Sunday Times, stated that Oberholzer had been paid R100 000 a month for his consultancy services in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Bid. He said he wanted an explanation and used it as a pointer to Brian van Rooyen’s perceived lack of control over financials in SA Rugby.

Oberholzer called Hoskins following publication and challenged him on his comments. The consequence was a public apology from Hoskins to Oberholzer.

Oberholzer, former MD of SA Rugby Union, told Keo.co.za: “It was a cheap shot, aimed at further promoting a campaign and I told Oregan that. He conceded that he had not checked the information and had been ill advised. He apologised and said he would issue a statement to that effect. My understanding is he did that.”

Oberholzer’s alleged payment is part of the charge sheet relating to Van Rooyen and allegations of mismanagement.

“As I said to Oregan, how hard is it to pick up a phone and dial the number of the SA Rugby Union financial general manager and ask him how much I got paid. And while at it, ask him what Edward Griffiths, Ravi Naido and every other consultant used got paid. It was an attempt to align me to Van Rooyen and to have a go at Van Rooyen.”

Hoskins, whose apology was printed in daily newspapers in an abbreviated form, was unavailable for comment when Keo.co.za called.