Prinsloo not ruffled by Hoskins threat

Rumours that the appointment of Oregan Hoskins as Saru President will lead to a widespread clean out at SA Rugby have been rubbished by CEO Johan Prinsloo.

Prinsloo was responding to an article in the Cape Argus in which Dale Granger writes that Hoskins’ appointment will mean Prinsloo’s axing.

“Among those in the firing line could be SA Rugby union chief executive Johan Prinsloo and Cliffie Booysen, general manager in the office of the president,” writes Granger. “Springbok manager Arthrob Petersen would almost certainly face the axe, while even Springbok coach Jake White, in spite of his unbeaten home record and South Africa’s No 2 world ranking, may not feel secure.

“On Tuesday Hoskins refused to name individuals who may be in the firing line, but he did say SA Rugby would face an audited performance review if he was elected.”

Speaking to, Prinsloo responded with angst to the allegations.

“I can’t believe those comments. I don’t believe Regan would say anything like that, either on or off the record, to anyone,” Prinsloo said. “There were times when those sort of rumours concerned me, but no longer. I know what’s happening in SA Rugby and I have a job to do. Anyway I don’t believe Regan said anything that suggests that. Hiring and firing at any organisation is dependant on labour law. He as a legal man would know this.”

Prinsloo’s sense of security may be misleading, however. Early in campaigning Hoskins described Prinsloo as a “weak CEO” to

Meanwhile Prinsloo also dismissed a report in the Daily News today that claimed the sponsors of SA Rugby – including Vodacom and Sasol – held a meeting after which they threatened to withdraw their sponsorships should Brian van Rooyen be re-elected as president.

“Absolutely nothing like that happened. I contacted all the sponsors concerned, as well as board member Dr Ali Bacher, and all parties denied any meeting of the sort. It’s a complete fabrication, and I have statements backing that up in writing.”