Players back Hoskins

A survey by the SA Rugby Players’ Association has revealed that 67% of professional players want Oregan Hoskins to be appointed as President.

Beeld reports that the Sarpa survey took place earlier in the week, but could not confirm how many of the organisation’s 423 members took part.

Additionally, seven of Sarpa’s nine executive members have also pledged their support to Hoskins, while the two others abstained from voting.

Whilst the players or their representatives have no direct influence on the election, the 33% backing for Brian van Rooyen is indicative of a hidden agenda.

Two years ago, Sarpa publicly backed Van Rooyen in the hope that his appointment as president would lead to official recognition of the organisation.

That proved unfounded, however, and now Sarpa turn to Hoskins with a similiar hope. Public support in exchange for recognition is the underlying truth behind the vote.