Hoskins hopes for family togetherness

Regan Hoskins, new SARU president, believes rugby in South Africa can exist as a family, where one province looks after the other and everyone works towards a strong national entity.

Hoskins, a day after his appointment, told the media: “I would like SARU to be like a family. But one has to understand that there are fundamental differences in character and problems experienced by each provincial union.

“In the past two years, the atmosphere in SARU has been tense. A lot of vital information and decisions taken were not shared with the presidents’ council. That has to change. All 14 provincial presidents must be informed about decisions, even if they were not party to those agreements.”

Hoskins would not comment on the existing arrangement to award the All Blacks test to the Leopards and Scotland to the Sharks. He also would not discuss the future of the Spears in next year’s Super 14 until he had met with all the necessary decision-makers.

He told the media that one of his priorities was the distribution of wealth between the smaller and larger unions.