Naas slams “stupid” players

Former Bok flyhalf Naas Botha has questioned the intelligence of certain South African Vodacom Super 14 players.

While South Africa has always produced talented players, Botha believes some of them have an IQ lower than the average Cats score.

“If you have a situation where it’s four against two, you should pass it out wide and make use of the numerical advantage,” said Botha on Boots & All. “If a player instead tucks the ball under his arm and runs into the opposition, then he is a stupid player. Our players are not scanning the field properly, which involves looking up and considering all the options.

“Take the Brumbies for example. The ball will go from George Gregan to Stephen Larkham 90% of the time. I’d be very surprised if the ball goes from an SA scrumhalf to a flyhalf more than 60% of the time. Our decision makers are not making the right decisions and often find themselves in the wrong place at the wong time.”

Botha also criticised the Cats and Sharks for failing to beat the Hurricanes and Crusaders respectively last weekend.

“If you get that slight opportunity to win a match overseas, you have to take it. We always say ‘Could have, should have’ afterwards, which is not good enough. The Cats and Sharks both had opportunities to take the four points.

“What also worries me is that the teams at the top of the table have won games away from home. That’s a big concern for SA teams.”