Hicks hit back

Hickville’s mayor Michael Redman has had enough of his city taking a pounding as an international destination for rugby players.

Redman, who officially represents Hamilton in New Zealand’s north island and unofficially sits at the helm of Hickville and Boringville, is seriously pissed off that this website simply said what every touring player has been thinking for a decade. It is a god damn awful place to be in and players count down the minutes getting out of there.

But the final straw was Reds captain Chris Latham saying his team had been put to sleep before kick-off against the Chiefs because of boredom.

The Mayor had not previously responded to criticism of his tortured town by Latham’s knockout blow has taken the hapless soul over the edge.

He says a poor performance and a poor lineup, not to mention a good Chiefs side, were all much more important factors.

Redman says he has some advice for Latham next time he is in Hamilton with his rugby team. He recommends spending his time training, practising and working on his skills and his team will have more of a chance of winning.

Closer to the action, three key Hickville players were restricted to just light training duties and coach Ian Foster cannot guarantee All Blacks Sam Tuitupou, Mils Muliaina and Byron Kelleher will play for the home team against the Crusaders.