Venter lashes Stormers

Brendan Venter, former defensive consultant at the Stormers, has condemned the culture that prevails in the set-up, saying the players generally don’t fight for excellence.

Venter, interviewed by Mike Wills on CapeTalk radio, said the Stormers coaches were chasing shadows if they continued to treat symptoms like dropped passes and poor discipline.

Venter said the issue was attitude and that the players lacked the right attitude to be successful in the competition.

“It is not about losing. It is the way you lose. That is what is upsetting people,” Venter told Wills. The former Stormers and Bok centre said he had worked with the Stormers in a few sessions and was not impressed by their attitude.

He said everyone wanted to be the other guy’s mate and that it helped no one.

“When I used to run next to Francois Pienaar at training and drop a pass I shouldn’t have, he would let me know what he thought of it. He would tell me that if I wanted the privilege of playing alongside him I needed to do my job.”

Venter said it was about promoting excellence at all times and being non negotiable on the basic discipline at training sessions.

“It needs 15 guys totally committed to the game; not just a few individuals.”

He said there were some very professional players in the squad, but not enough leaders. He said collectively the squad did not take responsibility because some individuals were not committed.

When asked about WP Director of Rugby Nick Mallett’s involvement, Venter said that he believed Mallett, as the best coach in the country, should be coaching the team.

“I know that is not his job description,” said Venter, then adding that he would rather see Mallett on the field than in an office.

Venter said that the Cheetahs were an example of guys who played for each other.

“They don’t have the firepower, but they will continue to win more than they lose if they play like they have for the past four weeks. They are playing out of their socks and way above their ability,” he said.