Spears threaten court action

The Spears have given Saru until 12.00 on Friday to confirm their participation in next year’s Vodacom Super 14.

The comes after the Bulls, Cats, Cheetahs, Sharks and Stormers refused to sign the participation agreements because they are unhappy with the clause that will confirm the Spears’ automatic promotion to the series.

Spears CEO Tony McKeever told Beeld’s Liam de Carme: “We don’t particularly want to take SA Rugby to court, but we have to protect our financial position.”

He says SA Rugby was desperate to get the participants’ agreement signed.

“SA Rugby officials meet Sanzar next week and they will have to produce the signed agreements. They are facing tremendous pressure and the other franchises want to exploit it.

“Why must the Spears be the victims? We’ve asked SA Rugby to confirm our participation and they have to do that by 12:00 on Friday.”