From lame to ludicrous

The Cats still believe they are one performance from turning their Vodacom Super 14 season around.

New Zealand may be at the arse end of the world, but it is still on planet earth and the mutterings coming from the Cats camp would suggest these guys are on another planet.

Dear Frans has tried to offer the Cats supporters (the last two left) some comfort by saying the boys are training better.

My goodness, did it take five rounds for them to start catching balls at training. He said they were determined to prove their critics wrong.

He told the SupaRugby website that his players now knew how hard the competition was and that it was a step up from the Currie Cup.

Which players he is talking about only he knows. The team that started against the Waratahs was loaded with test players and with guys who have played three or four years of Super rugby. If they don’t know by now, they’ll never know.

The Cats are up against the champion Crusaders this weekend and not even home team complacency will be enough for a Cats win.

Still Ludeke attempted to paint a colourful picture.

“We know that our supporters are very disappointed in us at the moment. The players are finally realizing that this competition is as tough as it gets. It is hard opponents every weekend and it doesn’t get any easier,” he said.

“They know that their future is on the line. We know that there are lots of people relying on us to perform well. People like our supporters, sponsors and management. We know we aren’t playing good rugby at the moment but I truly believe that this team can change things around.
We’ve done it with the Lions in the Currie Cup and I truly believe that we can do it again.”

Ludeke said while the Currie Cup meant hard games at times, they were interspersed with some easier games, but in the Super 14 it is top rugby week in and week out.

“I believe it is a question of time before things will happen for us. We know that we have to bounce back. We look each other in the eye every week, lay it out on the table and discuss the way forward. We really work very hard to get things on track.

“I think we are becoming more accurate in terms of our training and where the mistakes are made. There is still a good spirit amongst the players – they have really pulled together as a team and are determined to show the critics wrong.

“The guys are starting to take responsibility for their actions. We aren’t out here sitting around braaivleis fires or having parties. We are really working hard to sort out our problems. When times are tough, it pulls people together and that is happening with this team. There is a lot of character in this team and the players will start performing.”