Hoskins: “Public must have access to minutes”

Regan Hoskins will ensure that the minutes to the SARU president’s council meeting on Friday will be made public. He wants to ensure transparency is not just a token word in his organisation.

“You can achieve a great deal by simply governing the way you are supposed to. For very good reason we have all these structures and committees, but unfortunately we have seen individuals ignoring or overruling their recommendations and acting unilaterally.

“From the outset I will insist that there is due process in everything we do,” says Hoskins. “Moreover, transparency is vital. I want the minutes of meetings to be made available to the public. As soon as you have lack of transparency, you have a fertile breeding ground for corruption.”

On the Spears, Hoskins said: “This will not happen under my presidency. The Spears is an item that will be fully and properly debated. I will chair the meeting and ensure that the matter is turned inside out and that we then have a Saru decision on the matter, not the decision of an individual.”

Hoskins also said that if the New Zealand Rugby Union had an objection to the test against the Springboks being played in Rustenburg, it would be referred back to SARU for a venue change consideration.

He made it clear this would only happen if the New Zealand officials felt the venue was not up to international standards.

This may prove difficult when you consider the Kiwis host test matches in Hickville, also known as Hamilton.

“It would be difficult to change the venue of that Test,” Hoskins told Greenaway. “A lot of organisation has taken place. However, a New Zealand delegation is in the country to investigate the facilities in Rustenburg. If the Kiwis feel they are not up to scratch, the matter might have to be returned to the Saru fixtures committee.”