Woody’s the man

Former World Cup winning captain Martin Johnson has urged the RFU to reappoint Clive Woodward as national coach.

Johnson said the time had come to sack Andy Robinson and stop the rot that has seen the Poms fall to sixth in the world rankings.

“The RFU either want to fix it or they don’t. Clive is the man,” Johnson said. “Perhaps he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but that is part of the job. If you go for the status quo nothing gets done.”

Woodward left the rugby world behind 18 months ago to join Southampton as director of football. However, Johnson said his former coach is the only choice if England wanted to implement change.

“He sees the bigger picture and England has to be the bigger picture. He’s the only coach England have really had in the professional era,” said Johnson, who is now retired.

“The best thing the RFU did was back Clive after the 1999 World Cup and give him time. He was the right man then and would be the right man now.

“I would really like to see him back,” Johnson added. “Who else is qualified to do it?”