Trevor tames Keo’s killer quiz

In the last issue of SA Rugby magazine, Keo tested our readers with the first of his rugby quizzes.

No one got the answers, so we put it out to the Muppits for a day. There were many entries, but only one succeeded in getting 10 from 10. Congrats to Trevor Bezuidenhout, who cracked the 10. He will get a year’s subscription to SA Rugby Mag.

Here were the questions and the answers

1. Who refereed the 1997 Super 12 final in which the Blues beat the Brumbies?
Tappe Henning

2. Christian Cullen scored 56 Super 12 tries, but he never scored against one team. Name this team.

3. Who scored the first try in the history of the Super 12, back in 1996?
Alama Ieremia

4. Ollie le Roux and Matt Dunning are two members of the front row to have scored points with the boot in the Super 12. Who is the only other front-row player to kick points?
Basil de Koning, Cats hooker and a regular goalkicker. That one tripped most people up.

5. True or false: In 1996, every one of New Zealand’s five franchises had 50 points or more scored against them on at least one occasion.
True. Ah for those days again.

6. Doug Howlett scored a hat trick in his first start in the Super 12. He was just 18 years and 237 days old at the time. What was unusual about the Auckland flyer’s appearance that evening?
Aucklander Dougie was playing for the Highlanders

7. Who was the first player in Super 12 history to score four tries in a match?
Joe Roff

8. Which South African flyhalf shares the record with Willie Walker for kicking nine penalty goals in a Super 12 match?
Jannie Kruger

9. Which player holds the unique points scoring double for the most tries scored in a season and the most conversions kicked in a season? The player did not do it in the same season.
Joe Roff again

10. Gavin Lawless scored 50 points for the Sharks in a Super 12 match. How many penalties did he kick that day?

Quite easy actually
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