Silence of the Spears

The Spears are doomed, with the SA Rugby Union unwilling to accommodate a request from the Eastern Cape Franchise for one last chance to address the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss the President’s Council recommendation that the decision surrounding the Spears participation in the 2007 Vodacom Super 14 gets overturned. An original decision agreed to the region’s participation.

The Board must rubberstamp the recommendation, but SARU CEO Johan Prinsloo told reporter Liam del Carme that there wasn’t time to hear from the Spears.

To add to the confusion, the Spears then invited SARU president Regan Hoskins to Namibia where the Spears will play on Friday evening. Hoskins told Del Carme the invitation confused him as he was going to Port Elizabeth on Friday to do an inspection on the Spears.

Either way you look at it the Spears are headed for bin … at least as far as the 2007 Super 14 goes.