Treu calls for Sevens Currie Cup

Springbok Sevens coach Paul Treu believes a provincial Sevens tournament would help develop the shortened version of game in South Africa.

A Sevens Currie Cup would provide Treu and his selectors with a chance to view all the talent in the country and give more players the opportunity to be exposed to the intricacies of the game.

“That would be ideal,” says Treu in the new issue of SA Rugby magazine. “It really would change mindsets. We should go even further and encourage Sevens rugby to be played at schools throughout the season. It should not be a once-a-season event.

“Sevens rugby should be the game at least until U13 level so the players can learn the different skills involved and then after that perhaps go to 10-man rugby until U16, after which they will be more than ready for the 15-man game at senior high-school level.”

A provincial Sevens tournament could be based loosely on the IRB Sevens Series, whereby every month a different city would host an event, points would be awarded and an overall winner would emerge after five or six events. It could even be divided into a top-eight, bottom-eight scenario.

South African rugby used to have a provincial Sevens tournament in the 1990s – sponsored by Winfield – which proved popular with the public. International teams like Fiji were also invited to spice things up.

However, the tournament was scrapped when Winfield’s sponsorship came to an end.