World Series glitch

Wallaby coach John Connolly says there is only one problem with the introduction of a rugby World Series.

Aussie officials are pushing for Test matches, including pre-season and end-of-season internationals, to be allocated points on a win/loss basis. The two teams that finish with the highest number of points would meet in a final to decide the world’s best.

A prime aim of the concept is to improve the quality of the Test matches outside the Six Nations and Tri Nations, which because of player withdrawals have often been considered little more than friendlies.

“The concept is good, and definitely deserves consideration,” Connolly told the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, he believes the only snag to the concept is when to play the final so it doesn’t disadvantage any country.

“If you play the final at the end of the year it would advantage northern hemisphere teams, because it is in their season, while if you play it in the middle of the year it would help the southern hemisphere teams.”