Bulls set to go backwards

Rugby in Blue Bulls country looks set to take a backward step into the amateur era tonight.

The Blue Bulls rugby advice committee – which controls the amatuer game in the province – is set to table a proposal at the Union’s committee meeting tonight that will see part of the professional arm transferred into their care for the forseeable future, blourugby.com reported.

If the proposal is accepted, it would see the junior Blue Bulls teams – which have been so successful under the watchful eye of the professional arm – become the responsibility of the amateur section.

The advice committee includes former players such as Piet Uys, Willie Hills and coach Johan Kluyts, but stiff opposition is expected to the move from both the Blue Bulls company and sponsors as the juniors have been one of the biggest successes since they were incorporated into the professional arm of the Bulls.

Since the inception, the Bulls have won every SA U19, U20 and U21 title on offer and supplied on a consistent basis the most players in the World Champion SA U19 and U21 teams.

But the proposal does not seek to address this success, but rather the fact that junior players are isolated from club rugby and, according to the proponents of this proposal, are creating a massive divide between junior and senior rugby.