McKeever has another go

Southern Spears CEO Tony McKeever said he was not shocked that SA Rugby had apparently gagged the Saru deputy CEO Mveleli Ncula and media manager Vusi Kama on Tuesday.

Ncula and Kama both told that they “would not be making any more comment on the matter until the SA Rugby Board meeting on 18 April.”

McKeever though laughed when he heard this: “That doesn’t surprise me at all. They have obviously been told to shut up by someone in authority. I think they realise what they did was wrong.”

In a statement released yesterday, McKeever said of the two men: “It is both reckless and outrageous for Ncula and Kama, who are acting with a sinister agenda in mind, to suggest that SA Rugby has no knowledge of how funds have been spent, when in fact it has only been SA Rugby who has made these disbursements for and on behalf of the Southern Spears.”

The key question, however, of who is responsible at SA Rugby for monitoring the whereabouts of the R4,6-million handout to the Southern Spears franchise will not be answered until the board meeting. And that amount could balloon to R12-million by the end of the year. What has actually been achieved with this money?

“Questions like those and others will be asked and answered on the 18th,” was all Ncula was prepared to add when pushed for an answer. Kama said the whole truth would be revealed next week. “We will give our full response on April 18,” he said. “We have decided at the highest level to remain silent until then.”

For an organisation that under the new president, Oregan Hoskins, has vowed to air less of it’s dirty laundry in public, the washing line looks pretty full at this stage. It is one thing for SA Rugby to retreat into a laager until next Tuesday, but surely those cool heads should have held back on what turned out to be circus show yesterday.

Is it not interesting that this latest saga, apparently with the blessing of rugby’s top brass, unfolded while all three – CEO Johan Prinsloo, chairman Mpumelelo Tshume and Hoskins were all out of the country and out of touch to confirm the details?

By Andrew Hollely