Jeff’s sympathy for Frans

Reds coach Jeff Miller has said he “sympathises” with Cats coach Frans Ludeke’s current predicament.

“People don’t understand how difficult it is with a young team. I really sympathise with Frans. We have all been there before and it’s not easy,” Miller told

“The thing is you have to learn how to win and it becomes ingrained, but if you start a slide of losing all the time, it can just as easily become habit. Things can just become terrible if the confidence is not there.”

“Confidence comes from winning and all it takes is one match and suddenly the guys realise: ‘Oh, so that’s what it feels like’. They learn how to act in situations only by being there before,” he said.

The pressure on Ludeke to reverse the current losing trend of six consecutive matches is immense, but Miller says if the Cats can pull it off on Saturday they could end the season on a high. “We are looking to get three from five at home and we will be satisfied,” said Miller, “so if the Cats can win on the weekend they could do the same. It’s incredible how quickly fortunes can change.”

“The Sharks and Cats are different types of sides. It will be an interesting match. They just need to relax and play – remember what it was like when they won. Sometimes you can try too hard and it all falls to pieces.

Well, Cats fans will say that the Calamity Cats have well and truly learnt how to lose. It’s high time they show some grit and got a win, any way possible.

By Andrew Hollely