Coetzee stands firm

Cats assistant coach Allister Coetzee, who along with the rest of the team management have come in for massive criticism in the past week, says he will not abandon the beleagured franchise.

“I know what is being said and I understand what the fans are saying. I will not make anymore excuses. I’m also a fan and I’m not happy with how things are. But I will not walk away. I intend to stay and try and do something about it,” Coetzee told

Coetzee admits that everyone is part of the problem, but has pledged if allowed he wants to become part of the solution too. “None of us, including the players and coaches, have delivered the goods,” Coetzee admitted.

“While we have failed this year,” says Coetzee, “the answer is not to just fire everyone, because then someone else starts next year with the same problems. It’s been that way ever since Laurie Mains left.”

Coetzee says that while the results continue to disappoint, the team “has grown and learnt together.”

“Fine, people might say that we are not good enough to be here, but despite all the criticism I will not abandon the players. We have to get this right together. It might not happen this year and if given the chance to return next year I will not shy away from my responsibilities.”

“It is up to us to fix the problem and it is my burning desire to see the Cats succeed. Just like all the fans out there.”

By Andrew Hollely