Koen: No need for new 10

Stormers kicking coach Louis Koen does not believe the Stormers need to continue their search for an additional flyhalf.

Koen told keo.co.za that both Peter Grant and Naas Olivier have shown sufficient potential to be heavily invested in, and the acquistion of another flyhalf would stagnate their development.

“I’ve worked with Pete for nine months, and Naas for three months now, and what really encourages me is their work ethic,” Koen said. “Pete is really calm, especially for a youngster, and the way he handles pressure is superb. Flyhalf remains the most pressurised position in the side, but I honestly we believe we must stick with these two boys, and put as much time, money and effort into their development as possible.”

Koen states that the Stormers and Western Province must seek to build a foundation from which future success can accrue, and that no quick solution exists.

“We may only reap the real awards with these two individuals in three to five years time, but by then they will be genuinely world class. The Stormers have found the right two people, now we must stick with them.”

Koen believes it is not overly simplistic to attribute the errors made by Grant and to a lesser extent Olvier to a lack of experience.

“Those things get ironed out with game time. Both Pete and Naas are 22, and the Super 14 has come a little early in their developments, but ultimately will fast track their progress. They will take some time to get used to it, but even by the Currie Cup I think the added maturity they will have earned as a result of this competition will be evident.”

By Chris Hewitt.