SAA demands answers

South African Airways, team sponsors of the Cats, have demanded an explanation for the calamity that is the franchise’s performance in the Vodacom Super 14.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, SAA CEO Khaya Ngqula said that the situation was unacceptable and that a meeting has been scheduled with the franchise to discuss the partnership going forward.

“They’re the official carriers of the SAA brand amd they’re going to have to tell us what they’re going to do to turn things around,” Ngqula stormed, before previewing what Cats CEO Andy Turner can expect to hear.

“I will tell them that it is not good enough. We don’t want a losing team, we want to see them winning.”

When questioned about whether SAA could pull the plug on the deal, Ngqula seemed resigned to the fact that his brand and the Cats could not be immediately separated.

“There are contracts and legal agreements which one has to fulfil,” he concluded.