Saru presser LIVE reported live from the Saru boardroom as the fate of the Southern Spears was postponed until Friday this week.

Saru President Regan Hoskins and the chairman of the board of directors Mpumelelo Tshume are addressed the media:


“Our board met today to assess the readiness of the Southern Spears to play in the 2007 Vodacom Super 14. It took into account all the findings of the recent fact finding mission, a presentation by the chairman of the Spears as well as other relevant factors.

“A decision has been postponed until Thursday’s meeting of the President’s Council. We are keen to receive input from this structure.

“The rugby governing body will make no hasty decisions on the matter before considering all relevant factors, and it will take more time to arrive at a decision that is a rugby decision.

“It is expected that a formal announcement regarding the Spears involvement in the 2007 Vodacom Super 14 will be made on Friday 21st April.”


“This is a serious matter that warrants our full attention. It is one we are not taking lightly. It may seem that we are delaying it and dragging it out, but I’d prefer if you saw it as a matter that we take extremely seriously because there is a lot at stake here.

“We’ve discussed this particular issue at length. It is much better for this country to understand that we take this matter seriously.

“A decision will be taken on Thursday and communicated on Friday.”