Spears saga drags on

The Saru board of directors have deferred a final decision on the Southern Spears’ participation in the Vodacom Super 14 to the President’s Council which meets on Thursday.

There is no final answer from Saru, although one is promised on Friday when the decision of the President’s Council is announced.

The development is ironic as the President’s Council initially referred their recommendations to the board for approval, and quicker than a skip pass from Dan Carter, the buck has returned like a boomerang.

“It is important to note that the decision on the Spears franchise is within the context of the competitions structure SA Rugby will adopt in the near future,” board chairman Mpumelelo Tshume told the Cape media. “It would be unfair to all parties concerned not to take into account the outcome of the Thursday meeting.

“It is for this reason that we are so keen to receive input from that structure. We have to emerge with a decision that takes into account the total picture of the South African rugby environment.”

Tshume was echoed by Saru president Regan Hoskins, who stressed the importance of ensuring the correct decision was made for the benefit of all stakeholders in South African rugby.

“This is a serious matter that warrants our full attention. It is one we are not taking lightly. It may seem that we are delaying it and dragging it out, but I’d prefer if you saw it as a matter that we take extremely seriously because there is a lot at stake here,” Hoskins said.

The decision is promised to be communicated on Friday at a formal media briefing.

By Chris Hewitt