Stofile’s Spears sidestep

Saru’s senior vice president, Mike Stofile, says he has no idea when the Southern Spears will be ready to play in the Vodacom Super 14.

SA’s board of directors on Wednesday reversed their decision to include the Spears in the 2007 tournament at the expense of the lowest ranked SA team in 2006.

Stofile, one of the Spears biggest supporters, has been surprisingly quiet since the decision was made, but finally commented on Boots & All.

“I’m telling the guys at [Eastern Cape newspaper] Daily Dispatch that we have not killed the Spears, but don’t want to put them into the Super 14 until they are ready. When they will be ready … I don’t know. We want to assist the three unions in the region [EP, SWD and Border] with a plan.”

Mike said his brother, minister of sport Makhenkesi Stofile, had been in contact with Saru president Regan Hoskins to discuss the situation.

“They have talked and have found common ground,” he said. “But I don’t want to speak on behalf of goverment.”

When asked about possible legal action from the Spears, Stofile again did his best to avoid the question.

“They are welcome to take us to court, we live in a democratic country,” he said.