Dallaglio wants change

Lawrence Dallaglio says England’s performance over the last two years has been “unacceptable” and insists changes must be made as a result.

The Rugby Football Union will later on Thursday unveil the results of its review into England’s Six Nations performance this season. England coach Andy Robinson is expected to survive and keep his job until the end of the 2007 World Cup. But the coaches under him have not been offered similar assurances and some could lose their jobs.

Former captain Lawrence Dallaglio wants to see change soon. “I’m afraid change is inevitable,” Dallaglio told BBC Radio Five Live.

“What is fact is we finished fourth in the Six Nations two years running – clearly that is unacceptable.” He added: “What we all want to see is English rugby back where it should be, which is competing at the very top of world rugby.

“If we lost lots and lots of games in a season, we wouldn’t be re-signed for our club and I think it’s the same process anywhere.”

“We’re in a results-driven business and whilst there is patience and stability and continuity required, clearly the results have not been good enough for the last two or three years.

“I’d like to see English rugby as successful as it possibly can be if I’m in the team or not.”

Dallaglio said England’s players had been given the opportunity to put forward their suggestion for the review through the Professional Rugby Players’ Association.