Rogers talks to league star

Waratahs flyhalf Mat Rogers has had a heart to heart with Kangaroos centre Mark Gasnier about switching from rugby league to union.

Gasnier was recently offered a contract by the ARU and NSWRU but has still not made up mind.

Rogers said he believed the league star was genuinely considering a move.

“Mark is pretty concerned about the whole package, the fans from both sides, the players from both sides, and asked my point of view on those issues,” Rogers told the Sydney Morning Herald. “He asked all the questions you’d expect someone to ask who is seriously considering a change. If he wasn’t asking those sorts of questions then probably both parties would be wasting their time.

“[But] we’ve thought we had players before and we’ve been stung a little bit with that. I thought Joey [Andrew Johns] was going to come and then Braith Anasta was reasonably close so I’m neither here nor there about it. If he comes it will be great, if he doesn’t then we’ll move on. No one person is bigger than the game. We can certainly survive without him, but we’d be a far better side with him.”

Meanwhile, Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie has backed Rogers – who’s struggling with a rib injury – to lift his defensive game against the Hurricanes following his poor display in Hamilton.

“I think with everybody, if you carry that sort of injury then it’s going to be in the back of your mind, but I think he’s done a lot,” he said. “He’s had some history. The week before he got a kick straight into the rib area against the Highlanders, so I think he’s working his way through and getting more and more confident every week.”