Bok enforcers get boost

Sasol has presented the Springboks with the innovative and technological advanced scrum machine called “The Enforcer”.

The Springboks accepted their new piece of training equipment just before the start of their first training session on Monday morning in Bloemfontein.

Innovation and reaching new frontiers are key brand objectives for Sasol and their involvement with the Springboks. SA Rugby continuously strives to find ground breaking ways to improve player’s skills and coaching techniques, thereby ensuring the teams are ahead of the pack and approach each match with a competitive advantage.

Key features of The Enforcer:

– The ability to simulate a live scrum more realistically than any other production machine;

– Mechanical Disc Brake and Twin Roller System: A twin independent brake resistance that is controlled and adjusted by the operator from a seat via the two independent brake levers. The in-built seat also offers a vantage point from which the coach can readily identify faults in the forwards’ scrum technique. Most importantly, the machine encourages front rowers to use the correct muscles to direct energy straight ahead, not up and down. If the machine is not used correctly and energy is not directed properly, the fault can be pinpointed.

– Built to last: Robust and built to take punishment, whilst the rollers are manufactured with an offset spike system for extra traction preventing even the most slippery surfaces from being damaged.

– Easy to move, transport and store: A hydraulic raising and lowering transport wheel system that is easily engaged or disengaged, allowing greater flexibility and manoeuvrability on the field. This enables both forwards and backs to train together at different positions on the field. The wheels allow the machine to be retrieved and stored with minimal effort.

Bok forwards coach Gert Smal said the new machine would no doubt contribute towards improving the scrummaging training and techniques of the already powerful Springbok forwards.

“The Enforcer allows our big front row to easily adjust and perform their scrummaging drills without discomfort. This is certainly a big plus for us, because more often than not most of the machines we use are either too light – which meant we had to compensate with all sorts of weights – or the size of our props made it difficult for them to scrum effectively.

“Because of its greater mobility, the Enforcer now makes it much easier for us to transport it around the country to the different fields or cities where we do our preparation before each test match. The fact that we would now be able to use the same scrum machine during our training sessions would contribute further to the quality and effectiveness of our preparation.We are really grateful to Sasol for supporting the Springboks with this initiative.”