Another All Black in pub fight

Chris Masoe punched a patron in a pub incident and former All Blacks captain Tana Umaga sorted Masoe out because of it.

In one of the more bizarre pub fights involving New Zealand rugby players, Umaga used a woman’s handbag to whip Masoe into shape and following a couple of cracks to the head (via the handbag), Masoe is alleged to have broken into tears.

This reportedly all happened at 7am on Sunday morning and clearly the fog that spoiled the Super 14 final had impacted negatively on the psyche of the Hurricanes international pairing.

Earlier in the season Jerry Collins belted teammate Lome Fa’atau in a Bloemfontein bar incident.

The Hurricanes management confirmed they had been advised about an incident involving Masoe and Umaga at a Christchurch bar after the final.

“The matter is now being investigated by Hurricanes team management and further information will be provided once the details surrounding the incident have been fully established. Due to the fact that information is still being gathered, it would be unfair to prejudge the events that occurred until a full and accurate picture is available,” they said in a statement.

The Press newspaper in Christchurch quoted the alleged victim as saying Masoe had tripped over him while he was sitting at the bar and then punched him.

“He just hit me in the side of the jaw. I was real shocked. I thought `what the hell’. It just came out of nowhere,” the 24-year-old told the newspaper, adding that he was unlikely to press charges.

“Everyone sort of stood up and got involved, as they do … then Umaga hit him a couple of times with the handbag, as if to say `you idiot’. Masoe started crying. It was crazy, I don’t really know what his deal was.”

The woman who had her handbag allegedly used saw some humour in the incident although a cellphone inside her bag was allegedly damaged by the impact of the blows. Hurricanes management had promised to replace it.

“I mean a handbag, of all things. How hilarious … he hit him pretty hard. We heard it across the bar. He cracked him up the side of the head twice,” she told The Press.

“The Chris guy got quite upset and started crying. They got them out the back door of the bar.”

Masoe was named in the All Blacks team on Sunday morning that will travel to Argentina to play the Pumas.