Naas: Falcons will soar

The Falcons have started the season in the best possible way by winning the Vodacom Cup, but director of coaching Naas Botha remains grounded when considering their chances in the Currie Cup.

“Obviously the players have excelled in winning the Vodacom Cup, but it is seriously not the same standard in the Currie Cup,” the veteran of 28 Tests told

Botha emphasized the need for the Falcons players to adapt quickly to this higher level of rugby and admits that it won’t be easy, especially for the forwards. The Falcons pack will now face up against a number of those who played in an intense Super 14 competition.

Speaking of the province’s goals for this season, Botha is frank about his side’s standing in provincial rugby. “No one can take this victory away from us, but we now have to go out there and just do the best we can.”

Having said that, Botha confirmed that he does not want to see the Falcons just making up the numbers in the competition. “We have a very competitive backline and can be competitive in the forwards.”

On the topic of Springbok withdrawal from Currie Cup rugby and how it should increase the chances of the lesser teams, he is equally dismissive. “This is going to assist everyone, but no one wants to be known as the side who won the Currie Cup when there were no Springboks.”

By Jon Cardinelli